Prospective Puppy Home Questionnaire

Please help us to know you better and help us make the best possible match of a puppy with your home and lifestyle.

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Where did you hear about the Portuguese Water Dog?
Have you researched the characteristics of the Portuguese Water Dog?
Why do you think a Portuguese Water Dog would be a good choice for your family?
What qualities interest you most in the Portuguese Water Dog?
What characteristics are you looking for in a Portuguese Water Dog?
Do you have a preference in sex, coat type (curly or wavy) colour or markings?
Do you have any pets now? If so what kind(s)?
Tell me about any dogs you either own now or previously. If they are no longer with you, what happened to them?
Type of dwelling: house condo apartment mobile home other 
If renting, does lease/landlord allow you to have a dog? Yes No Don't Know 
Do you have a yard? Yes No 
How large is it?
Is it fully fenced? Yes No 
If not contained by a fence, by what means will the dog be contained for its safety in the yard(e.g. invisible fence)?
Please describe the makeup of your family/household, including ages of children.
Is there anyone in your home who doesn’t like or is allergic to dogs? If so, what arrangements will you be making to accommodate this person?
What is the usual daily schedule in your family’s household and how will your dog fit into it?
Where will the dog be kept when you are at work or away from home during the day or at night?
What are your plans for the dog when you are on vacation or away for extended periods?
Are you willing to crate train your puppy? (See href="
crate-training/">this article for more information) ?
Yes No 
Have you ever house-trained a puppy before? Yes No 
Do you understand that any puppy you buy from Praia da Baia PWDs will be sold with a non-breeding contract specifying that you will have the dog spayed/neutered at six months of age or as directed by Praia da Baia PWDs? Yes No 
Are you prepared for the financial commitment involved in having a dog, other than the purchase price? (Veterinarian, quality food, regular grooming, equipment and toys, obedience classes, possible health issues). Yes No 
We reserve the right to sell puppies only to homes that we believe are suitable and appropriate for the puppy.
Do you agree that a $250 non-refundable deposit will be paid upon request once puppies are whelped in order to reserve one for your family? Yes No 

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire.